If you wish to make a payment based upon a statement received from this office you may use this page to do so.  Only payments of fees billed may be made here, however.  If you wish to pay a retainer or prepay costs, or for any payment other than payment of a bill/statement you have received, please contact our office at (302) 477-3200 or stop by our Wilmington location to do so.  Also, if you aren’t certain of the amount due, before making payment please contact our office at the number above and request confirmation of the amount.If you wish to continue to make payment of a fee set forth on a statement you have received from this office please use the following guide:

  1. Please enter your name and account number as set forth on your statement, separated by a forward slash (“/”) in the first box below. [e.g. “Mary Client/12345.01”]
  2. Next enter your statement number from the statement you received from this office in the second box below.
  3. Click the “Pay Now” button.
  4. On the next page enter the amount shown as due on your statement in the “Price per Item” box.  This will be the amount of your payment and should not exceed the amount shown as owed on the statement received from this office.  Please do not enter an amount greater than the amount shown as owed on the statement you received from our office.
  5. On the next page select either “Pay with Paypal” (if you wish to use an existing Paypal account to make your payment) or Pay with Debit or Credit Card” to use any major debit or credit card to make your payment.
  6. Follow the instructions to enter your information as necessary to process your payment.

 As always, should you have any questions, please contact our office by telephone.  Thank you!

Client name & Acct. Number
Statement Number

If you fail to enter a statement number we may not be able to properly credit your payment.  If you cannot locate your statement number please contact our office before making your payment.