Important Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Suffering through the experience of a motor vehicle accident can be devastating for all parties involved. This is especially true when you have suffered injuries. What should you do following an accident?

Step #1: Seek Immediate Medical Attention
If you can, immediately call 911 or ask someone to do it for you. You should assess your injuries and tend to them right away. Even if the accident seems minor, don’t underestimate any injuries.  You should see a doctor even if your injuries don’t seem that serious at first. In the moments right after an accident, with all the adrenalin, you may not know how serious your injury really is. At your initial medical appointment be thorough and detailed about any symptoms being experienced to document them from the outset.

Step #2: Wait for Police to Arrive
If the ambulance has not transported you, wait for the police to arrive and ask to receive a copy of the police report. Never admit fault or make other incriminating statements.  You should also contact your insurance carrier as soon as practicable to report the accident and initiate the claims process.

Step #3: Document as Many Details as Possible
If you are physically able to, capture as much information as possible about every detail of the accident. Take notes, photographs, videos, and statements from witnesses. Look around and take in the whole scene. If you’re not able to do it yourself, ask someone to do it for you.

It’s important you receive the names and insurance information of all drivers involved. Ask witnesses if they are willing to also provide their contact information.
All of this information will be collected by your Delaware accident attorney to develop your case.

Step #4: Contact a Personal Injury Attorney
Auto accident lawyers specialize in personal injuries. It is best to let your legal team take over from here on. Your job is to stay well and recover fully from your injuries and the traumatic experience. A lawyer will organize all documents and is responsible for contacting insurance companies.

Never, under any circumstance, make any recorded statements to the insurance companies, particularly any insurance companies other than your own.  Your attorney has the experience and knowledge necessary to negotiate with all parties and file a lawsuit if necessary. Only your attorney will be able to accurately calculate the compensation for all your damages – present and future.

One big mistake people make is to handle the case themselves without legal support. An unfortunate consequence is financial hardship when they realize that the money they received for the accident is not nearly enough to cover all the tangible and intangible damages. Auto accident lawyers in Delaware are ready to help you at every step of your claim.

Contact Your Personal Injury Lawyer
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